Marino Madi brand story

Long before the people began freely to move around the world and long time before they learned that the earth is not a disc, gangs of pirates robbed mansions of wealthy families and mud huts of poor fishermen as well. Corsairs, as they were called, carried away all valuables, they could find.

One day in French Riviera waters, whose borders were especially well guarded, a small unknown ship moored. The locals, surprised by the absence of aggression and resistance, captured the only man aboard.

The captive did not speak the local language and could not talk to the habitants of the Riviera.The seaman did not look like a robber, but his clothes looked like a pirate ́s outfit. So they did not dare to release him.

So the stranger lived in this foreign country, which later became his homeland. He learned the local language, founded a family, made friends and became wealthy. Mastering the sewing business, he made clothes for the rich and well respected people living by the sea. But he never took orders from people, who did not love the sea and Riviera.

The clothes made by the master, were truly unique. He won love and acceptance in the close circles of the marine aristocracy. Freedom was felt in the cutting of the suits, the coastline was visible in every stitch, everybody could see the spirit of independance and individuality, the longing for distant shores, in the quality and style of the creations.

Many years later, dying at old age, the master was sorry, not to have trained a worthy successor in the art of making these unique clothes. But before his ashes were blown over the peaceful seas ofthe Riviera, he wrote a letter in his native language, discribing his art for a worthy person who could understand the spirit and philosophy of making those special outfits.

Centuries passed. The letter was kept in the dust of the family archives. Eventually it found its way to one of the many antique shops in the oldest part of Nice. And it was found by a person who could read it and understand its spirit. And it was him, who continued the business of marine clothes which was lost so many years ago.

It is not surprising that the Kazakh designer and artist Madi Sypatayev was this person who dropped by into this antique shop. All his life Madi had been keen on drawing marine sketches and collectiong miniature models of sailing ships. And he truly fell in love with the French Riviera – just as the lonely seaman in the old times.

Inspired by the French coast the artist started to create fashion that was meant to unite people with the unique spirit of the sea. At the Riviera the philosophy of freedom and independance as well as the insubmersible principles of an exclusive creation of casual men ́s wear, Madi set up a fashion company for premium products both in quality and style.

As a brand MARINO MADI has taken its course towards people, who really admire the sea, the sun and the sand of the French Riviera. Madi ́s admiration for the French lifestyle and the world of yachts and regattas is felt and seen in the fabrics, in the individual pattern and the cut of the collection.

The last will of the long forgotten sailor and founder of MARINO MADI exclusive men ́s wear is carefully kept in the archives of the company at the Bay of Anges, not far away from Nice. Every boutique visitor is permitted to read it to make sure, that the principles of the great master are followed till today at the coast of the French Rivirera. This is the essence of the will: People who truly love the sea should not wear pirate ́s clothes, but put on fashion that truly matches their individual character.